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If you have further questions we suggest you contact your gaming society or Clubs NZ.

If you don’t belong to a gaming society or Clubs NZ or they are unable to help - please contact the Health Promotion Agency on info@choicenotchance.org.nz.

What are the Gamble Host materials?

These easy-to-use materials have been developed to help venues and staff meet their gambling host responsibility obligations. They encourage staff to regularly check-in on their gambling patrons and provide appropriate responses and effective interventions where signs of gambling harm are occurring. Additionally, these resources are designed to raise awareness levels amongst gamblers that venues and staff have a duty to provide a responsible gambling environment.

Consistent messaging and guidance is available for staff at pubs and clubs to use in their day-to-day practice with gamblers.

How do I get the Gamble Host materials?

The Gamble Host packs were initially sent to Societies and Clubs NZ to distribute to their venues.

You can view and download PDFs of all resources here or training materials here.

More packs, individual items or training materials can ordered here.

Why is this needed?

There is a strong evidence base that links continuous forms of gambling with harm.  The law recognises that gambling can be a risky activity and the Gambling Act (2003) requires Class 4 venues to minimise and address harm.  However, research shows that most gamblers are unaware that venue staff are required by law to watch for signs of harm and to take action if they have reasonable grounds to believe that person is experiencing harm from their gambling.

Gambling host responsibility is challenging for staff. This initiative aims to arm staff with more tools to help spot genuine signs of harm and give them practical tips on when and how to act with confidence.  Having these resources available in venues should also make gamblers more aware that staff are just doing what is required of them and make an interaction or approach more accepted.

Who is it for?

Pubs and clubs with pokie machines in New Zealand (Class 4 venues).

Who is behind it?

The initiative is led by the Health Promotion Agency. This project has been developed in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health and with the support and input of gaming societies.

Who funds it?

The Health Promotion Agency has received funding from the Ministry of Health for this initiative. The Ministry of Health funds and coordinates a Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm, and related services, under the Gambling Act 2003.

Who supports it?

The initiative has been developed by the Health Promotion Agency, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Department of Internal Affairs.  It is supported by gaming societies which have been widely consulted in its development.

What evidence is it based on?

All audience facing aspects of the initiative have been tested with gamblers and venue (pub) staff.  Technical aspects of the pack such as the signs of harmful gambling behaviours have drawn on findings of validated research. Gaming societies have been consulted and have fed into the development of the messages and individual components of the resource pack.

How does the resource pack fit with our existing harm minimisation material?

This pack has been designed as a comprehensive suite of resources that can replace or complement existing material.  Each resource has been tested with staff and/or gamblers in terms of messaging and practical use.

How does this resource pack fit with our other host responsibility requirements like alcohol?

The principles of host responsibility can be applied across a number of customer based activities like drinking and gambling.

The Health Promotion Agency who has developed this pack (in collaboration with the Department of Internal Affairs) also produces the resources that you use to promote responsible drinking in your venue.

We know who our problem gamblers are, why do we need this?

One of the aims of this initiative is to try and bring some consistency and a common approach to an area where there can be a lot of uncertainty and assumptions made about whether someone is at risk of harm.

People experiencing harm, even high degrees of harm, can be very good at hiding it.   By encouraging venues to take a consistent and measured approach using the resources provided, gamblers know they are not being singled out and that this is just the approach venues take to identifying and approaching gamblers where there is concern.

If all venues display the same information and take a similar approach with gamblers, gamblers will come to expect a standard of practice and type of interaction with staff regardless of where they play.

We think we are doing a great job of identifying and acting on gambling harm. What more can we do?
  • Carefully consider placement of material
  • Use your Everyday Tips and Gambling Harm Reference Card daily
  • Use the suggestions in the guidance (e.g. limiting withdrawals)
  • Ensure you are using your gambling log book/incident register to note any concerns you have about gamblers
  • Ensure all staff are well trained and confident in approaching gamblers they are concerned about.
What do I do if I’m worried about my gambling or that of someone I care about?

Many gamblers have no idea that their gambling is becoming harmful to themselves and/or others. If you are worried about someone else's gambling habits and want to know what you can do to help, look at the information on www.ChoiceNotChance.org.nz.

It won’t always be easy but help and support is available to both of you, including a wide range of free, confidential face-to-face counselling services. The friendly Gambling Helpline team can provide free support to people affected by someone’s gambling and they are open 24/7. Call 0800 654 655 any time.

Will the Department of Internal Affairs be checking that we are using our resource pack?

The Department of Internal Affairs is a key partner in this work.

DIA compliance officers are aware and supportive of this initiative. They would like to support venues and staff to use this pack in order to make staff’s job easier and harm minimisation more embedded and consistent across venues.

The use of this material will be an indication to gambling inspectors that a venue is taking seriously its responsibilities to minimise gambling harm.

How are you going to know if this initiative is successful?

HPA will be evaluating a number of measures relating to the use of the Gamble Host Pack and any associated changes in awareness or behaviours.  If you are interested in being involved in the evaluation please contact us on info@choicenotchance.org.nz.

What are your next steps with this campaign?

Societies and venues have indicated some specific areas where we could support training. In addition, research indicates that Māori and Pasifika people are at increased risk of harm. A next step is developing some language specific resources.

How do I find out more?

If you are a Class 4 venue, we suggest you contact your gaming society for more information.  If you do not know who that is, or you have a general enquiry you can contact the Health Promotion Agency at info@choicenotchance.org.nz.